Sacramento Dubstep

Went to The Format at The Momo last night. Dubstep, old school hip hop and electro. KennyKill played an hour-long dubstep set, and there was another dubstep DJ laying down tunes as well.

Anyway, Sacramento dubstep: The Momo, upstairs and behind Harlow’s on 27th and J, Thursday nights from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM. ($2 PBR dueces, too.)

Edit 3/18/11: I’ve been made aware of two other dubstep nights in the area: DJ SLowmo, who spins at The Graduate in Davis, 805 Russel Blvd Davis Ca, 95616. DJ Slowmo on Facebook.

And “Grimey Sacramento Dubstep” at the Townhouse in Midtown every other Tuesday night.

Also, shameless plug time: I made a little while ago. It’s a great dubstep music aggregator/listening channel - it scrapes for tracks and puts them all in one place. makes it really easy to find new artists and songs. Check it out - I think you’ll like it!

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I’ve gotten addicted to dubstep as of last month and was just seeing if there was any kind of scene for it here in sac….

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Not really a scene, but I’ve confirmed that the Image VIP lounge occasionally does dubstep - I saw some dubstep DJs there last month. It was awesome.

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to be honest sac has dubstep, quite a bit…. along with breaks and glitch which are all three usually found together… but not so much in sacramento (unless you count the random dubstep djs at the bars and clubs)... sacramento has lots of raves if you want house/trance/electro and all that stuff, but most of the really GOOD dubstep is at festivals or in San Fran

Datsik will be in SF in april by the way…

If you live in sac and like dubstep check out these parties:
-Big Bounce
-Sea of Dreams
and… sometimes they post about events (but they have free music so go there anyway)

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Sweet Kevin - thanks for the info. Excision is playing in SF this weekend - I’m thinking about going.

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I am going to be starting up a dubstep night here in the winter. If anyone is interested, add me on fb and I promise not to be one of those garbage ass promoters who spams you with invites. This thing is still a few months of planning away, but as soon as I get the kinks worked out, I’ll let you all know.


By KennyKill on Sep 14, 2010 - 01:12 PM


Updated the post with info about the Thursday dubstep/electro night at The Momo behind Harlow’s. Check it out, it’s good music and a good time.

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