We’re Moving to Sacramento!


Lauren and I are moving to Sacramento! Lauren was offered a job 20 minutes after her phone interview, she accepted, and we’re moving!

We’re both glad to move back to California, even though we’ve grown to like Michigan a lot. The people in Grand Rapids are great, Michigan’s outdoors is stunning - even though it’s no Lake Tahoe or San Francisco Bay - and overall, it’s a really, really friendly place. I like Michigan.

But bigger and better things are calling to us. Lauren is flying out a day or two early with our cat, Lion. We’re having our stuff shipped there, and I’m driving our car to California with my Grandpa.

Lauren’s new job is in advertising and marketing, like she does now, and I’ll keep on doing my freelance web/ExpressionEngine development thing. We’re both excited. Pray for us for the trip and for the transition - it’s our first major move, ever.


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Posted on Jun 02, 2009 - 01:30 PM
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