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Croation Protester

Croation Protester

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A protester in front of riot police in Zagreb, Croatia, February 2011. Original photo is from, but the site is down for exceeding its bandwidth at the moment - I retrieved this particular photo from imgur/reddit.

More context:

This was a bunch of Bad Blue Boys (members of a supporter group for the local football club, very well know for their violence and hooliganism) destroying the city and attacking the police. What OP forgot to mention was that there was another protest happening at the same time, only a few hundred meters from this one, that rallied 15,000 people who peacefully protested the corrupt government. This protest had 1,000 people, mostly young males. What OP also forgot to mention is that these protesters have no agenda other than to create anarchy and basically destroy shit. They claim to protest (among other things) the fact that one of the war veterans is being handed over to Serbia. However, when another war hero (a guy who lead the defense of Vukovar, one of the cities that had it worst during the war) asked them to stop what they’re doing and go home because they are attacking his former soldiers (who are now in the police forces), they called him a traitor and spit on him. Now, try to imagine this—these guys who were never even close to being in a war are calling one of the people who gave them their freedom a traitor and spitting on him?!

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